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Grandma's Treasure

The song, "Grandma's Treasure" expresses to children just how important and beloved they are to their adoring grandparents.
Track #1 - Grandma's Treasure
Track #12 - Feed the Children
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Vocal Range: a - c#2
Key Of: D
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Grandma's Treasure
I have a treasure that's worth more than gold.
I have a treasure that I love to hold.
It's not made of silver. It's not made of jewels.
I can't wear my treasure, but it's still pretty cool.
My priceless treasure means the world to me.
I love each part especially! 

I have a treasure. It's the best on earth.
My special treasure has the greatest worth!
It's not made of rubies. It's not made of pearls.
My treasure consists of awesome boys and girls.
These precious children mean the world to me!
I love each one especially!

I love my treasure more than anything!
It's more important than a diamond ring.
It's not make of copper. It's not made of brass.
Its infinite value, nothing else can surpass.
I have a treasure I love through and through.
If you're my grandchild, it is you.
My special treasure is you!

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