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Peace + Finding Peace Narration

The song, "Peace" expresses the peace that can and will abide in one's soul when that person turns his/her life over to Christ for healing. The download for this song includes the narration track on peace from the album, "There Is Light."
Track #20 - There Is Light
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Vocal Range: g - c2
Key Of: C
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In a moment of reflection,
A sweet peace enters my heart.
It offers guidance and direction—
The sweet peace filling my heart.
Though thick mists of darkness may cloud my view,
Confusion may threaten to bind,
Threads of the Spirit slowly seeping through
Speak joy and peace to my mind.
I humbly kneel in genuflection,
And sweet peace enters my heart.
For Him I feel a real affection
Who sends this peace to my heart.

In a moment of thanksgiving
A sweet peace sings in my heart.
It speaks of genuine forgiving—
This peace that sings in my heart.
Temptation may come and my solace threaten
Telling me my soul is lost.
Father reminds me that Christ paid my debt
When He was hung on the cross.
The darkness dissipates around me,
And sweet peace sings in my heart.
Discouragement will not confound me
While sweet peace sings in my heart.

Copyright © 1997 by Norma Boyd
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