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My Friend + Help from Other People Narration

Friends can be a huge help in the healing process. The value of the support and encouragement that a good friend offers is priceless!
Track #8 - There Is Light
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Vocal Range: a - b1
Key Of: D
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My Friend
The sun rose tonight on my bitter world of sorrow
Just because you were willing to take me by the hand.
You told me things I needed but didn't want to hear.
You helped me get on my feet and find the strength to stand.
There comes a time in your life when you need a friend.
A friend can make all the difference when he's there;
Someone with courage enough to tell it like it is;
Who'll nurture and comfort and care.

You held back the dark as you lit a tiny candle
And the wee little flicker upon its head is hope.
I'll follow its bright burning and reach the light beyond
and ne'er more in darkness will I ever have to grope.
You made me sure that you cared and believed in me.
You shared some pain from your past so I would know
That you were once in the dark and found the pathway through.
You showed me the way I should go.

The journey is long and unpleasant through the darkness
And I wish we together could travel to the end.
I know you can't go with me. I must be on my own,
But you'll lend a hand along the way 'cause you're my friend.
There comes a time in your life when you need a friend.
I had the need for a friend and you were there. 
You took my hand, picked me up, and lit a spark of hope.
I'll always be glad that you cared. 
I'll always remember that you cared.

Copyright © 1991 by Norma Boyd
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