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Only Christ

There are many things that only Christ can do for us. Try as we might, we are simply not powerful enough to save our own souls! In short, we need Him! There is a harmony part included in the sheet music, and this song is beautiful and powerful as a solo or duet.
Track #14 - Only Christ
Track #7 - Feed the Children
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Vocal Range: b - c2
Key Of: C
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Only Christ
Only Christ can save a soul.
Only Christ can make the wounded whole.
Only Christ can set us free
From the bondage of mortality.
He alone has power to save us.
Only He has healing balm.
Precious is the gift He gave us
Witnessed in His feet and palms.
Christ alone can heal your pain.
Christ has power to make you whole again.
He has love for you and me
From the ends of time, eternally.

Only Christ has life to give.
Only Christ can show us how to live.
Only Christ has ample grace
To redeem your soul and sin erase.
He alone can ease your burden.
Only He can make you strong.
He has power to cease your hurting.
Only He can right all wrong.
Christ alone can bring you peace.
Christ has power to set your spirit free.
He will of His grace impart
For He knows the goodness in your heart.

Only Christ can save a soul.
Only Christ can make you whole.
Only Christ has life to give.
Look to Christ and live!

Copyright © 1999 by Norma Boyd
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