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Sisters in Christ

This song expresses the importance of reaching out to our sisters in compassion and love. The message of the song makes it a great addition to Relief Society meetings and Visiting Teaching conventions. The sheet music is written as a three-part women's trio or choir. However, the song is beautiful when sung as a solo.
Track #12 - Only Christ
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Vocal Range: S1: a - f#2; S2: a - d2; A: g - g1
Key Of: D
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Sisters in Christ
Seek out your sister to dry her tear,
And let her know that someone is near
Who has walked down her pathway through the night.
Help her to find the way back to the light.
To take your sister by the hand,
To show that you care and understand,
Is to do as our Savior taught us to
When He said, "Love them as I love you."

Christ taught us by example
When He told us, "Feed My lambs.
Befriend the ones who need you.
Help them to know who I am."

So be my sister and take my hand.
Tell me you love me and be my friend.
Help me do as our Father wants me to.
And when you need me, I'll be there for you.
So be my sister. Walk with me.
Together we'll go where there is need.
We'll seek others who lack the Heavenly light,
And we'll be sisters in Christ.

Copyright © 1988 by Norma Boyd
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