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Only a Call Away

It's great to have someone you can count on to give help and support at a moment's notice! Often we can find this kind of support system among our friends and neighbors here on the earth. However, people move, and they can die or become unavailable to us for some other reason. But there is always One Who will never leave us, on Whom we can always rely for help and strength. He will always be there and is only a prayer away.
Track #11 - Only Christ
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Vocal Range: g - c2
Key Of: C
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Only a Call Away
The call to love my neighbor has new meaning now to me
Because you live next door, and I enjoy your company.
We've sat and talked for hours. We've shed a thousand tears.
And though our friendship's fairly new, I feel I've known you many years.
At times when I have needed you, you've let me know you care
And I just want to say to you, "It's great to have you there

Only a call away
Whenever I'm in need.
Whether it's night or day,
I know my call you'll heed.
It comforts me to have you near,
Only a moment from my door.
I feel secure just knowing that you're
Only a call away."

There is another person Who is very close to me.
I know that He is there, although His face I cannot see.
I know He cares about me. He knows my doubts and fears.
And though at times I've made Him sad, He's loved me for so many years.
In moments of great sorrow when I'm loaded down with care,
To my relief, I've always felt His warmth and comfort there

Only a prayer away
Whenever I'm in need.
Whether it's night or day,
I know my call He'll heed.
It comforts me to have Him near,
Only a moment from my knees.
I feel secure just knowing that He's
Only a prayer away.

Copyright © 1997 by Norma Boyd
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