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Mary in the Garden

I love the story of how Mary, a dear friend of Jesus went to the tomb on that first Easter morning and found her beloved Jesus alive! What great hope and joy that story brings to me, as I imagine what it will be like to be with those I love who have passed on! The song, "Mary in the Garden" tells the story of Mary's experience that first Easter morn.
Track #6 - Only Christ
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Mary in the Garden
She came into the garden
And looked into the tomb.
The body of her Jesus 
Was nowhere in the room.
Her heart was filled with sorrow.
Tears, they wet her face.
They'd killed her Lord, then stolen
His body from this place.

She turned to leave the garden.
A movement caught her eye.
She thought it was only
The gardener standing nigh.
He gently asked her, "Woman, 
Why weepest thou today?"
"They took away my Master.
I know not where He lay.

"Sir, if thou has borne Him hence,
Please tell me where, I pray.
I'll go where thou hast laid Him
And carry Him away."
He spoke but one word, "Mary."
Amazement filled her then
For standing there was Jesus!
Her Savior lived again!

Copyright © 1987 by Norma Boyd
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