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The Generous Will Be Blessed

"The Generous Will Be Blessed" was written for the annual Feeding the 5000 Families interdenominational food drive campaign to convey the message of that year's theme, which came from Proverbs 22:9, "The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor."
Track #15 - Feeding the 5000 Families: 20 Years of Music
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Vocal Range: bb - c2
Arrangement: Solo
Key Of: Eb
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The Generous Will Be Blessed

The generous will be blessed,
For they share their food with the poor.
They lift the sick and oppressed,
And they help their spirits to soar.
Yes, the generous will be blessed,
For they act in concert with God:
Giving as He gave;
Striving, souls to save;
Walking paths that He trod;
E'en when times are rough,
Loving as He loved;
Following the footsteps of their God.

The givers' hearts will be turned
When they share with people in need.
They act in love and concern
In their every thought, word, and deed.
Yes, the givers' hearts will be turned,
For they follow after their Lord,
Praying as He prayed,
Seeking those who've strayed,
As the Savior implored;
Giving all to Him,
Living as He lived,
Following the example of their Lord.

Our offering will be blessed,
For we answer Jesus' call.
Our sacrifice will bring rest,
Though our gift be meager and small.
Yes, our offering will be blessed
When we sacrifice for our Lord;
Sharing all we can,
Lending helping hands,
Doing good evermore,
Caring as He cared,
Sharing as He shared,
Following the pathway of our Lord.

The generous will be blessed.

Copyright © 2013 by Norma Boyd
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