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Jesus Is My Savior

"Jesus Is My Savior" expresses the personal nature of Christ's atonement, willing death, and love for me.
Arrangement: Hymn, SATB
Key Of: F
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Jesus Is My Savior

Jesus is my Savior. He is the Son of God.
His love for me is evident in everything He taught.
He gave Himself a sacrifice and paid for every sin.
Jesus suffered agony, my precious soul to win.
Jesus made it possible for me to live again.

Jesus is my Brother. His love for me is real.
He often lifts and comforts me. My gaping wounds He heals.
He laid down on the altar, and did it willingly.
There He suffered ridicule and horrid agony.
Jesus bled from every pore and gave His life for me.

Jesus, my Redeemer removed death's awful sting.
Restoring joy for bitterness, He makes the filthy clean.
He brings me hope and healing, removing fiery darts.
Jesus longs to mend my soul and peace and love impart.
He wants me to come to Him, so He can heal my heart.

As I drink the water, I feel His love for me.
I think of all the blood He shed while in Gethsemane,
And as I eat the broken bread, I ponder on His life,
Given up on Calvary. He paid an awful price!
Jesus thought my precious soul was worth the sacrifice.

Copyright © 2015 by Norma Boyd
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