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Step #8: Who Have I Harmed?

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Who Have I Harmed?

Who have I harmed? How have I hurt them?
What was my part in the harm that was done?
Who paid a price for all my action?
I mustn't stop 'til I've found everyone.
I must be thorough, and I must be honest as I make this list of mine.
I must be careful not to take responsibility for times when another crossed the line.

Who have I shunned or just neglected? 
Who have I hurt by the tone of my voice?
Was I unkind when I felt angry?
Who suffered pain because of my choice?
I must be thorough, and i must be honest as I play it through my mind.
I must be careful not to point accusing fingers, but admit when my actions were unkind.

I must be thorough, and I must be honest and consider everyone.
There is one person who is easy to forget who needs to be on this list when I'm done.

I have been harmed by my own actions.
I have been hurt by the things I have done.
Can I forgive my thoughtless choices?
Can I accept that I, too, am someone?
Can I show kindness to number one?

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