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Prologue: Choices

The song, "Choices" is a good overview of the 12-step process. It captures the confusion, self-doubt, and the endless questions that often go hand in hand with feeling like one's life is out of control and in need of changes. It also expresses the hope of being able to successfully turn one's life around that gradually returns while diligently working the steps. Finally, the hope gives rise to confidence that begins to build as old patterns are changed and a new life is formed.
Track #1 - A Musical Journey through the 12 Steps
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Vocal Range: a - d2
Arrangement: Solo
Key Of: Bb
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Have my choices brought me to the place where I am today?
Can my future choices lead to life that is good and to joy that will stay?
Can I change my patterns, or must I let things stay much the same?
Must I keep making promises while I play this addiction game?

Do I have the power to make different choices for me? 
Can I change my future? Is it too much to hope I could ever be free?
This much is quite certain: I cannot make this change on my own.
I need someone to call upon when I feel like I'm all alone.

Still, I am not helpless. There is much that I can do.
I must make the effort to begin the life that is long overdue.
There are questions that I can ask and answer every day.
Self-reflection and honesty can help me choose a better way.

When faced with a choice or a fork in the road,
I can ask myself these questions:

Where will this choice take me? Is it someplace I want to go?
Where will this act lead me? Will it lead to a place I want others to know?
Will it change my future, or will it keep me stuck in the past?
Will I make empty promises 'though I know they will never last?

I can make the choices that will lead where I want to be.
I can make the choices that will lead to a life that is honest and free.
I can change my future, and I can walk away from the past.
I can now make choices that will lead me to joy at last.

Copyright © 2011 by Norma Boyd
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