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Christmas Is ...

Christmas means different things to different people. The song, "Christmas Is . . ." expresses some of the things that Christmas means to me. There are two arrangements of the sheet music for this song. The first is an arrangement for solo. The second is a duet with a third descant part.
Track #10 - Two Days Until Christmas
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Vocal Range: g - d2
Key Of: C/D
Sheet Music Price $2.00
Vocal Range: S: g - d2; A - a - b1; Descant: e - d2
Arrangement: 3-part women
Key Of: C/D
Sheet Music Price $2.00

Christmas Is . . .
Christmas is candy canes and tinsel and bows.
Christmas is warm hearts and icy cold toes.
Christmas is children with sparkling eyes.
Christmas is Santa and a special surprise.

Christmas is icicles and pine trees and snow.
Christmas is kindness and hearts all aglow.
Christmas is neighbors and family and friends.
Christmas is happy times and songs without end.

Christmas is helping those who haven't enough.
Christmas is secrets from people we love.
Christmas is goodness and peace on the Earth.
Christmas is most of all the sweet Jesus' birth.
Christmas is most of all the sweet Jesus' birth.

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