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Disco Dancin'

When I started dancing to the disco song that day with my son, no one warned me that it could be dangerous! The song, "Disco Dancin'" is the result of the untimely move that prompted my trip to the emergency room that afternoon.

Disco Dancin'
It ain't no fun to hurt your hip while doin' disco dancin',
And I shall be restrained a bit from doing too much prancin'.
I'm wishing I'd retrained myself and been less like a child,
But putting my body on the shelf is really not my style.
I love to dance and probably, as long as I am able,
I'll foxtrot, cha cha, waltz, and swing 'til my legs feel unstable!

But disco dancin'? I'm not sure it's worth the price of pain,
So I think when my hip is cured, from disco, I'll refrain.
My body is no longer young. It has its limitations,
And disco dancin's not among my body's expectations.
So when that disco music starts, a rest I'll have to beg,
Lest I do something real unsmart and literally break a leg!

It ain't no fun to hurt yourself while doin' disco dancin'
It ain't no fun to hurt yourself while doin' disco dancin'

Copyright © 2003 by Norma Boyd
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