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Christmas Is Over

When Christmas is over, many people feel a great letdown. The song, "Christmas Is Over" expresses this feeling, along with signs of hope for the future.

Christmas is Over
Christmas is over. The thrill is gone,
But Christmas bills keep lingering on.
What used to be white, pristine snow
Is dingy slush wherever I go.
Did love and beauty leave the earth
Along with the month of Jesus' birth?
Did the reason for joy and rejoicing end,
Blown away by January's winds?

Christmas is over. The tree is down.
The Christmas lights are gone from the town.
The icy wind bites through my coat.
I've tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat.
I miss the feel of holidays;
The shopping and parties and Christmas plays.
Now with Christmas time gone, it has left a hole,
Leaving life so mundane and dull.

Christmas is over. The year is gone,
But memories keep lingering on.
Through blowing winds and slushy snow
Comes hope anew wherever I go.
Frosty, cold days will leave again.
The sun will shine bright, and winter will end.
We'll have reason once more to rejoice and sing
When we see new blossoming of spring.

Christmas is over, but life goes on.
The seasons come, and then  they are gone,
And Christmas will return next year
With all the joys of Christmasy cheer!

Copyright © 2002 by Norma Boyd
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