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Life is Like a Soccer Game

"Life is Like a Soccer Game" is a whimsical analogy of life. Although it is expressed in a fun way, this song carries a serious message.

Life is Like a Soccer Game
Life is like a soccer game in very many ways.
You have to pay attention, or you will miss the plays.
First the ball is kicked by one and then passed to another.
(I think to be a soccer ball is much like being mother.)

The ones who play, desire to win——no matter what the cost,
And half the kids are always mad because they feel they've lost.
You just can't keep them happy, no matter how you try,
And everyone is grumpy if the game ends in a tie.

You have to keep on trying if you would learn and grow,
And opposition's fiercest when closer to the goal.
Some days you feel like giving up, but if you do, you'll find
The game just keeps progressing, and you've been left behind.

You have to keep on running, e'en when you're feeling dead,
And you will fare much better, if you will use your head.
Yes, life is like a soccer game in very many ways,
But never have I seen a game go on for days and days!

Copyright © 2002 by Norma Boyd
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