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Our World Will Be a Better Place

It's easy to feel insignificant—like our lives don't have any effect on the world. However, they do! We may not be able to change the world in a huge way in a moment or two, but our actions influence the world around us in small, but significant ways. With enough effort over the years of our lives, we have changed the world. The question is: Are we changing the world for good? Is the world a better place because we are here?

Our World Will Be a Better Place
If we will all determine to begin our lives anew;
If we will all be kinder in the things we say and do;
If we will each be honest and change our errant ways,
The world will be a better place in the coming days.

If we will teach our children to determine right from wrong
And how to make good choices when temptations come along;
If we will help our family to hold each other dear,
Our world will be a better place in the coming year.

If we reach out to others and our neighbor fail to judge;
If we turn barbs to kindness and refuse to hold a grudge;
If we will keep on trying, improving every year,
Our world will be a better place just because we're here.

Copyright © 2001 by Norma Boyd
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