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Stephanie's Song

"Stephanie's Song" and "Little Child" were written for the funeral of the young niece of a good friend.

Stephanie's Song
Dollies and teddy bears and kisses and poems,
Grandmas and color books and grandpas and home,
Long curly lashes o'er eyes of bright blue,
These are things that remind me of you.

Kittens and somersaults and angels and friends,
Bicycles, storybooks and smiles without end,
Kids on a playground and broken arms, too,
These are things that remind me of you.

When I give hugs, I think about you.
When children play, I see your face.
So many things remind me I'm without you:
Dresses and ruffles and ribbons and lace.

So many memories soon fill up my mind,
Times you were loving and so patient and kind.
Fishing poles, camping, and soft voices, too.
These are things that remind me of you.
When I see these things, I think of you.

Copyright © 1998 by Norma Boyd
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