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Across the Veil

I can imagine standing on the other side of the veil, watching as Jesus was born and lived His life. So much was at stake with His life, that I believe there was a lot of Heaven's attention on Him. The song, "Across the Veil" expresses that sentiment and the joy and relief I believe we all felt when His mission was completed successfully.
Track #8 - Two Days Until Christmas
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Across the Veil

In a barn in Bethlehem
Where donkeys, sheep, and oxen lay,
The tiny Son of God was born
And slept in bed of hay.
There, across the veil we stood.
We watched and waited breathlessly.
This Baby was our only hope
To one day gain divinity.

So we watched Him as He grew.
The little Boy became a Man.
He turned the water into wine,
And miracles began.
When He healed the leprous men,
We learned that He was good and kind.
He healed the sick and raised the dead,
Gave precious sight unto the blind.

As He taught the multitudes,
We saw that He was very wise.
In parables He taught His friends
And opened up their eyes.
Came the day, the final test.
Our future on His shoulders sat.
Our Brother, Christ, the Son of God
In great and wondrous glory passed!

In a barn in Bethlehem
He slept in manger filled with hay.

Copyright © 1996 by Norma Boyd
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