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Queen of His Heart

"Queen of His Heart" is a whimsical love song with a calypso beat. It has been a favorite at all kinds of parties—especially when I bring rhythm instruments and recruit a rhythm band from the audience!

Queen of His Heart
On an isle in the bright blue sea,
There lived a young maid who was fair to see.
She was happy, but longed to be
The sweet queen of somebody's heart.
Walking out on the beach one day,
She saw a young man fishing in the bay.
Their eyes met and his seemed to say,
"I hope you'll be queen of my heart."

Along the beach they walked
And they began to talk,
Dined on mangoes and coconuts,
And when the day was through,
Deep in her heart she knew
That she'd be queen of his heart.

He came often to visit her,
And something within him began to stir
'Til one evening he knew for sure
That she was the queen of his heart.
Heaven seemed now to follow them
As they strolled along in the moonlight dim.
When he kissed her, she promised him
She'd always be queen of his heart.

And as they walked along,
Their hearts were filled with song,
Eating mangoes and coconuts,
Then walking hand in hand,
They shared a dream so grand!
And she was queen of his heart.

On an isle in the bright blue sea,
That same young maid lives with her family.
She has husband and babies three,
And she is the queen of his heart.

Along the beach they walk,
And they still love to talk,
Eating mangoes and coconuts.
There on the blazing sand,
They share a life so grand,
And she is queen of his heart.
She is queen of his heart.
She'll always be queen of his heart.

Copyright © 1998 by Norma Boyd
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