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My baby screams. He bangs his head. 
He throws himself down on the floor.
His recent smiles in anger fled
Because I told him, "No."

No! No! He doesn't like no.
No! No! I pay if I say, "No."

That baby, now a teen is he, 
And we are very best of friends.
It's obvious that he loves me——
Until I tell him, "No."
The "n" word, so obscene it is.
He howls. He stomps. He shrieks. He yells.
How could I stoop so low as this?!?
Such nerve to tell him, "No"!

No! No! He doesn't like no.
No! No! I hate to tell him, "No."

At night I pray and ask the Lord
For things I'm sure are good for me,
And in my mind, I hear His words,
"My child, I must say no."
I'm angry, raise my voice at Him,
Then, shamefully recall my son.
Will I give in to tantrum's whim
Because He told me, "No"?

No! No! Sometimes He says, "No."
No! No! I'll yield when He says "No."

Copyright © 1996 by Norma Boyd
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