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The Match

The Match
The whistle blows. The battle's on.
The fight is hand to hand.
They circle 'round remembering
The moves that they have planned.
One boy shoots in. He grabs a leg.
His foe is on the mat,
And dropping down, my son attempts
To get him on his back.
They struggle hard. Each wants to win.
Each tries to pin his foe.
Two minutes——an eternity.
The first round whistle blows.
Their rest is short and goes by fast.
The second round begins.
They wrestle hard. Their muscles strain
As each one tries to win.

The whistle blows. It's time to rest.
Fatigue is all they know.
They've fought the fight and struggled hard,
But there's one round to go.
The third round starts and though they're tired,
The boys begin to fight.
The next two minutes will reveal
The winner for tonight.
The boys breathe hard. Their poor hearts pound.
Their muscles knot and shake.
They grapple hard, but neither one
Advantages can take.
The crowd is up and shouting loud——
Just thirty seconds now.
A tired boy makes one mistake.
The other takes him down.

He holds him there and struggles hard
To push his rival flat.
Just as the final whistle blows,
The ref'ree slaps the mat!
The match is done. The people roar.
The winner tiredly smiles.
His body aches from head to toe,
But winning is worthwhile!
So much like life, this wrestling match!
We try so hard to win.
We wrestle hard 'gainst unseen hands,
Then rest and fight again.
And though we're tired from struggling
From morning until night,
If we persist——though weary worn——
The win is worth the fight!

Copyright © 1996 by Norma Boyd
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