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Mary and Eve

"Mary and Eve" talks about these two women of scripture in a unique way. Both were vital to the plan of the Father. Both had extremely difficult challenges to face with earth life. I am grateful for the roles each played.
Vocal Range: b - c2
Arrangement: SA
Key Of: C
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Mary and Eve
As I held my infant son, I thought of Mary.
As I rocked my newborn child, I thought of Eve.
The mother of the Savior and the mother of mankind,
The importance of their roles, one can scarcely conceive.

The suff'ring of the Savior burdened Mary.
The burdens of the world rested on Eve.
'Twas not an easy mission to which these two were called
But vital, the destiny that each must achieve.

I think how hard it must have been for Mary
To see her Son in agony of pain;
To hear the other people calling names and telling lies;
And then see her loving Son hung on the cross and slain.

When I think about that other sacred mother,
I know 'twas not an easy cross she bore;
To see those she loved reject the righteous way,
Nothing could have hurt their mother more.

My heart fills with compassion for sweet Mary.
My heart is full of love for Mother Eve.
The mother of the Savior and the mother of mankind,
Each made it possible our missions to achieve.

Copyright © 1990 by Norma Boyd
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