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Our Family Tree

"Our Family Tree" was written for the celebration of my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. My father passed away in 1999, and as of today (2012), my mother is 91 years old and has a lot of grandchildren (41, I think) and over 100 great-grandchildren. The tree has grown mightily!!!

Our Family Tree
H. Fredrick Johnson was the first of our clan,
Then he met sweet Leora. This is how it began,
That this handsome, young fellow and this shy, pretty girl
Planted the seed of a tree.

First came Leon, then Dale and Dean.
Next came Elaine, prettiest girl they'd seen!
Gary soon followed, and then there was Jack.
And each formed a branch to the tree.

Norma came next. Then there was Deanne.
Everyone thought that this was the end.
Then, one by one, each branch sprouted leaves
And fruit to add to the tree!

Now there are granddaughters and grandsons galore!
There are in-laws and out-laws and oh, so much more!
Add the spouses of grandkids and a grandson that's great
All here, in our family tree!

Copyright © 1990 by Norma Boyd
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