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"Love" is a song about . . . you guessed it . . . love!

Love is a glorious thing,
And I feel like a queen
Every time you are near.
I tell the world that you're so kind to me,
That you speak lovingly,
And it always shall be.
I think of you every hour of each day.
Every evening I pray
That you'll always be here loving me.

Love is a wonderful thing,
And I feel like a king
Just to know you are near.
I'll tell you now, you have brightened my life.
You have ended the strife.
I'm so glad you're my wife.
Want you to know that I'm yours 'til the end,
You are my closest friend,
And I'm glad you are here, loving me.

Love is a glorious thing,
And the joy that it brings
Makes my heart want to soar.
Inside of me is a love that is rare,
And I hope you're aware
Of how deeply I care.
Darling, I'm yours 'til the end of my days,
For in so many ways
I am happy if you're loving me.

Copyright © 1988 by Norma Boyd
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