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I'm Hurting You

There are times in every relationship when people hurt one another. Often, the hurt is unintentional or is contributed to by triggered painful memories, fatigue, or miscommunication. Sometimes, offense is taken when it wasn't meant. When these kinds of problems arise, an important way to get love back is to look at one's own actions and contribution to the problems and humbly apologize for what we, ourselves, have done. Sometimes, the most difficult thing we ever so is to swallow our pride and do just that. This is the message of "I'm Hurting You."

I'm Hurting You
Your silence says we're through
Because I'm hurting you.
My words were sharp; I was cruel; so full of spite.
I'd like to tell you how
I am so sorry now.
I lack the courage, though, to try to make things right.

Wish I could find the words
And gain the will to say
How I regret saying all those things today.
Just one apology
Might bring you back to me,
But now my foolish pride gets in the way.

With hurt and anger high,
I know that love will die.
Why can't I say what I know will let love live?
The only hope for me
To set my sorrow free
Is to forget my pride and beg you to forgive.

And now the morning breaks.
Another day awakes.
The night has passed, you've not heard what you should hear.
And will this day pass too,
Before I say to you
Those words of love I know could keep you near?

Copyright © 1988 by Norma Boyd
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