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That Song

It is not easy to have one's heart broken! "That Song" talks about some of the little, unexpected things that can trigger painful memories of a past lost love.

That Song
That song isn't just any song.
That song was playing when I met you.
That song resurrects old memories of you.
That song.
And when I hear that song, I remember when
I thought our love would last forever.
I think of all those happy days
When we were here together.
Just when I've forgotten you
I hear that song.

That place isn't just any place.
That place is where I first met you.
That place resurrects old memories of us.
That place.
And when I see that place I remember when
We wandered through the shops so freely.
I think of all those days gone by
You'd brighten when you'd see me.
Just when I've forgotten you
I see that place.

Those eyes aren't just any eyes.
Those eyes——the ones I fell in love with.
Those eyes resurrect old memories of love.
Those eyes.
And when I see those eyes, I remember when
You'd take me in your arms and hold me.
I think of all those blissful times
I let your love enfold me.
Just when I'd forgotten you
I see those eyes.

Copyright © 1987 by Norma Boyd
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