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He Must Belong to Me!

"He Must Belong to Me" is a romantic love song.

He Must Belong to Me!
Emotions deep were sound asleep, untouched and pure.
Until we met, they had not yet begun to stir.
Then my feelings woke up. My heart, it spoke up
And said, "I must belong to her."
A simple glance, a single dance, my mind's a blur.
Inside my heart next moment started to occur
Such a sweet new longing to try belonging
To her. I must belong to her!

A night so fine, the scent of pine upon the breeze.
Look in his eyes and realize a lifelong plea,
For my heart is yearning, my thoughts are churning.
They whisper, "He's the one for me."
His smile so fair makes me aware of what could be.
My racing heart is to impart a firm decree.
It's no use resisting my heart's insisting——
He must, he must belong to me!

I must reveal these things I feel so you will see
That I long to hold you, my arms enfold you,
And know that you belong to me.

Copyright © 1987 by Norma Boyd

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