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He Speaks to Me

Whenever I have attended a Church meeting or read the scriptures, listening or reading with the Spirit, it is as though the words spoken or read are directed specifically to me. My testimony is strengthened, my prayers are often answered, and I gain understanding of my Father's love and will for me. Such was the case when I attended a regional conference in Tempe, Arizona when Gordon B. Hinckley spoke. His words pierced my heart and soul, and I have never been the same since. "He Speaks to Me" expresses this testimony.


He Speaks to Me

I attended a special meeting. The prophet was there, too.
As I listened to his message, quite suddenly I knew
I saw a prophet's face. I felt a prophet's love. I heard a prophet speak tenderly.
As I listened to the words he spoke, the Spirit said to me,
"Behold, the prophet's face. Behold, the prophet's love. Behold, the prophet speaks to thee."
Other people heard the words he spoke, yet I know he was speaking to me.

As I read the Book of Mormon, many good men did I find.
When I realized their greatness, 'twas impressed upon my mind:
 Those were the prophets' words. I felt the prophets' love. I heard the prophets speak tenderly. 
As I studied all the words they wrote, the Spirit said to me,
"Behold, the prophets' words. Behold, the prophets' love. Behold, the prophets speak to thee."
Other people read the words they wrote, yet I know they were written for me.

All the scriptures tell of Jesus——how He lived and died for man.
When I read with greater caring, I began to understand.
Those were my Savior's words. I felt my Savior's love. I heard my Savior speak tenderly.
As I studied all the words He spoke, the Spirit said to me,
"Behold, your Savior's words. Behold, your Savior's love. Behold, your Savior speaks to thee."
Other people read the words He spoke, yet I know He was speaking to me.

Copyright © 1985 by Norma Boyd

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