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I Left My Heart on Schweitzer Mountain

I've heard of the beauty of Northern Idaho for many years. However, it wasn't until I actually visited the area that I realized just how breath-takingly beautiful Northern Idaho is! "I Left My Heart on Schweitzer Mountain" was written as I hiked down the trail from the top of the ski lift. It was absolutely gorgeous!
Vocal Range: a - c#2
Key Of: D/E
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I Left My Heart on Schweitzer Mountain

I left my heart on Schweitzer Mountain;
Left my heart in the tops of the pines.
How I love that Schweitzer Mountain:
Creation of the Divine.

I love the trails on Schweitzer Mountain;
Treasures glittering in the bright sun;
Riches there on Schweitzer Mountain
Await for all who come.

The crystal streams on Schweitzer Mountain,
Fleecy clouds against sky of bright blue,
Pend Orielle from Schweitzer Mountain
Present a glorious view.

Oh, how I love the Schweitzer Mountain!
Beauty there stole my heart right away.
Now I dream of Schweitzer Mountain
And hope to come back some day.
I hope to return one day.

Copyright © 2012 by Norma Boyd
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