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To Bethlehem

"To Bethlehem" is a delightful carol that incorporates all the major players in the Christmas story. It is as much fun to sing as it is to listen to! There are two versions of the sheet music for this song. The first is written for three voices, soprano, alto, and baritone (SAB). The second is for a mixed, four-part choir or quartet (SATB).
Track #2 - Two Days Until Christmas
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Vocal Range: S: a - d2; A: a - b1; B: A - a
Arrangement: SAB
Key Of: D
Sheet Music Price $2.00
Vocal Range: S: a - d2; A: a - b1; T: A - d; B: G - f#
Arrangement: Choir/Quartet (SATB)
Key Of: D
Sheet Music Price $2.00

To Bethlehem
Mary came to Bethlehem, upon the donkey rode,
And kindly Joseph walked beside to pay the taxes owed.
Nary an inn would give them shelter as down the street they strode.
A humble little stable was their Baby's first abode.

The shepherds came to Bethlehem from pastures lush and green.
The angels sent the shepherds there, their humble homage bring.
Angels in Heaven would tell the story and all His praises sing.
They sang their songs to tell the world of Jesus Christ the King

The wise men saw a brand new star, the sign of Jesus' birth.
They knew it meant the Savior born, good news for all the Earth.
Over the miles they carried gold and frankincense and myrrh.
They brought their gifts to Bethlehem to celebrate His birth.

Now, we can't go to Bethlehem to see the Baby fair.
And we can't bring Him gifts to lay beside the manger there,
But when we give to one another kindness and love and care,
It's like we've gone to Bethlehem and done for Jesus there.
It's like we've gone to Bethlehem and done for Jesus there.

Copyright © 1990 by Norma Boyd
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