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Celestial Glory

Who will be in the Celestial Kingdom? What do I need to do to get there? The song, "Celestial Glory" attempts to answer these questions with information from the Doctrine and Covenants. This song was written at the request of our Ward Young Women President for the New Beginnings.
Track #15 - Fearless Daughters of God
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Celestial Glory
These are they who were valiant
In their testimony of the Savior, Jesus, Christ.
They received the Holy Spirit
To lead and guide them through their life.
They received the testimony of Jesus.
They believed on His name.
They were baptized by immersion.
They turned to Him
And followed Him.

You can choose to be valiant
In your testimony of your Savior, Jesus, Christ.
You can allow the Holy Spirit
To lead and guide you through your life.
You can receive the testimony of Jesus.
You can believe on His name.
You can be baptized by immersion.
You can turn to Him
And follow Him.

Every day all your choices
Select the path that leads to your eternal destiny.
Are you sure your path will lead you
Into the place you want to be?
Have you received the testimony of Jesus?
Do you believe on His name?
Have you been baptized by immersion?
Do you turn to Him
And follow Him?
Do you love Him and yearn to be like Him?
Do you bring to Him your weakness and partake His cleansing blood?
These are they to whom the Father says, "Well done!"
Will your Father say to you, "My child, well done"?

Copyright © 2007 by Norma Boyd
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