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Our Heavenly King

When Jesus lived on this earth, He had nothing of worldly value. There wasn't even room for him to have a clean and dignified birth. The song, "Our Heavenly King" expresses the message that although there was no room for Him in the inns in Bethlehem when he was born, it is important for us to make room for Him in our hearts today.
Track #1 - Two Days Until Christmas
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Our Heavenly King

Only a manger bed.
Only a rough cattle shed.
No pillow beneath His head,
The Son of God lay.
No room was at the inn.
No room for Him in Bethlehem.
Only in a stable dim
In bed of hay.
Wrapped snugly in swaddling white,
Born on this starry night.
Bringing a great Heavenly light,
Hope for us to cling to.
No trumpets of burnished gold.
No closets of kingly robes.
Only a wee babe to hold,
Our Heavenly King.

Nothing to call His own.
No building to make His home.
All manner of grief He'd know
While here on the earth.
Though He was very small,
There was no room for Him at all.
Only in a donkey stall,
His blessed birth.
Oxen and sheep welcomed Him
There in that stable dim.
He brought to a world so grim
Hope for us to cling to.
No mattresses filled with down.
No jeweled or golden crown.
Only a great love around
Our Heavenly King.

Only a humble one
Could do what our Lord has done.
All things He has meekly won
Both wondrous and small.
With His eternal view,
He did for us what we can't do.
Because He loved me and you,
He suffered all.
He asks that we follow Him,
Ever forsaking sin,
Opening hearts, letting in
Hope for us to cling to.
Everyone must do his part,
His kindness and love impart.
Make room for Him in your heart,
Our Heavenly King.

Once there was no room for Him,
No room for Him in Bethlehem.
Open your heart, let Him in,
Our Heavenly King.

Copyright © 1997 by Norma Boyd
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