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My Sister, My Friend

There are relatively few women mentioned by name in the scriptures. Those who are mentioned stand out as examples of strength, faith, and Christ-like love. In Church history and even in our modern day, faithful women can be found who also exemplify these admirable traits. Because—like us—they overcame trials, we can relate to them and feel a sisterhood with them. "My Sister, My Friend" was written as a theme song for a stake Young Women camp with the purpose of bringing the girls closer to these women of history and to help them realize that we are all sisters, and one day we will be reunited with them—and each other—in love.
Track #12 - Fearless Daughters of God
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My Sister, My Friend
Many years ago when the world was new,
Mother Eve was here with a work to do.
Though so many kids taxed her heart and mind,
She was glad to be mother of mankind.
Sarah's husband said she would have a son.
She was way too old, almost ninety-one.
Sarah laughed and said it must be a game,
But she had a son. Isaac was his name.

Though they lived long ago they're my sisters,
My sisters and my friends,
And one day we will all be together
As sisters once again.

Martha's life of service left little time
To partake of those finer things in life.
Then the Savior came, and He touched her heart.
In the end was chosen the better part.
Sister Lucy Smith, less than five feet tall,
But a giant heart beat beneath her shawl.
All her children learned how to read and pray,
And she raised a prophet in latter days.

Though they lived long ago they're my sisters,
My sisters and my friends,
And one day we will all be together
As sisters once again.

Mary Fielding Smith had a heart of gold.
In the midst of trials she was strong and bold.
I recall the tale how she crossed the plains
In the heat and mud and the pouring rain.
Every person here is my sister, too,
And when trials come, I will turn to you.
Though our ways may differ quite drastically,
When the chips are down, you can count on me.

Though we don't share a home, you're my sisters,
My sisters and my friends.
Through this life we will all walk together
As sisters to the end,
As sisters and as friends.

Copyright © 2001 by Norma Boyd
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