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Laboring for the Lord

"Laboring for the Lord" is a song that uses several of Jesus' parables as metaphors of missionary work.
Vocal Range: c1 - c2
Key Of: C
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Laboring for the Lord

You've been sent to seek
Father's lonely sheep.
Please try to reach them,
Teach them,
Each of them
Lost in the cold.
Going forth each day
In a humble way,
You need 
To feed
And lead
Them back to the fold.
The Savior has called you His lambs to feed.
Seek out the wanderers, and help those in need.
Like a shepherd kind,
You'll go out to find
The ones who stray,
And you will show the way
Whither they roam.
Through life's bitter storms,
Guide them to His arms.
He's contemplating,
To bring them home.

Go into the field.
There a sickle wield,
Thrust with you might
And fight
For truth and right.
Answer His call.
With each seed you sow,
Faith begins to grow.
With sun and rain,
Like grain,
It grows straight and tall.
The Lord of the harvest beckons to you.
He wishes you to join His harvesting crew.
Now the field is white,
Precious in His sight.
Both wheat and tare
Are there
You must seek out the one
Who will hear the word,
Recognize what's heard,
And never shirk
God's work,
But follow His Son.

Hanging on the vine,
Fruit so ripe and fine.
Won't someone see
The tree
And willingly
Harvest the crop?
Without someone's aid
Hues begin to fade
And past its prime,
In time
Will wither and drop.
The Lord of the vineyard calls out to you,
"Come, tend the branches of my ripening fruit.
Help my vineyard grow.
Labor hard and so
Do not despair.
Stay there
And care
For my vines tenderly.
Dig around each root.
Feed each fragile shoot,
And with each chore
Bring more
Good fruit unto me."

Copyright © 1997 by Norma Boyd
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