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Isn't It Great to Have a Sister!

There is no better friendship in childhood than that of two siblings . . . when they get along with each other! "Isn't It Great to Have a Sister" tells all the great things about having—and being—a sister.
Track #13 - What Would Jesus Do?
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Key Of: C
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Isn't it Great to Have a Sister!

Isn't it great to have a sister!
Sisters can be the bestest friends.
Other friend'll come and go
And when they're gone, you always know
A sister will stick with you 'til the very end,
A sister will stick with you 'til the end.

Isn't it great to be a sister!
Being a sister's really fine.
The little ones look up to you.
The big ones think you're really cute!
And brothers treat you special every single time,
A brother treats you special all the time.

Aren't you glad that we're together!
Friends and family through and through.
If I had a magic dish
And had the chance to make a wish,
I'd wish a wish to have a sister just like you,
And I'd wish for a brother just like you.

Copyright © 1987 by Norma Boyd
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