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The song, "Missionaries" expresses who missionaries are, what they do, and why we have them—in a most delightful way.
Vocal Range: g - a1
Key Of: C
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In a world of sorrow
Ripening in sin,
Desolation slithers in.
In this world of darkness
Anxious fingers grope,
Seeking one small spark of hope.
What the world is lacking,
Jesus Christ fulfills.
He can cure the darkest ills.
Missionaries walking,
Coming two by two,
Bring a ray of hope for you.

Listen to their message.
Open up the door.
They would like to tell you more.
Jesus Christ has suffered,
Saving us from sin.
Let the light of Christ shine in.
Gospel truth restored is
On the earth again.
It was sent to help all men.
Missionaries teach you,
Help you understand
How to live the Savior's plan.

Jesus is our brother.
He loves everyone.
He is Heavenly Father's Son.
If you read the scriptures,
Praying as you do,
You can know these things are true.
Heavenly Father calls His
Children now to go
Teach the ones who do not know.
Missionaries walking,
Answering the call,
Offering these truths to all.

Copyright © 1997 by Norma Boyd
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