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Precious Daughter

Most missionary songs are written about or for Elders. "Precious Daughter" is a song for a sister missionary. This arrangement is written for two women's voices. However, the song also makes a nice solo.
Vocal Range: a - c2
Key Of: C
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Precious Daughter
You're a precious daughter of a loving God
With a prophet's call to go to lands abroad,
There to find the ones who are prepared to hear
Truths about the Gospel; truths that you hold dear.
Through your testimony, others will be blessed
For the Holy Spirit burns within your breast.
When they listen to you, 
They'll know it is true,
For their bosoms shall burn, too. 

When you were a child, you set the righteous goal
That you'd serve the Lord with all your heart and soul.
Maybe you have wondered whether you should leave,
But through prayer and study, answers you received.
You've a testimony of this holy call.
Father wishes you to serve and give your all
For a cause that is true.
He's calling to you
To teach others of Him, too.

You are going far and leaving in the end
People who will miss their daughter, sister, friend.
They are glad to see you go the Savior's way
Even though they'll miss you every single day.
They will pray that you may help someone in need.
They will share the joy of planting Gospel seeds.
They will look up to you
In all that you do,
And their lives will be blessed, too.

You're a precious daughter with a prophet's call.

Copyright © 1997 by Norma Boyd
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