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The Transfer

Missionaries touch many lives while they are serving—including the members with whom they interact. It is sad for people to see a beloved missionary leave to go to a new area. "The Transfer" conveys that message of sadness mixed with the joy that comes with the realization that others will have the opportunity to have their lives changed by the missionary following the transfer.
Vocal Range: g - g1
Key Of: C
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The Transfer
When someone touches a warm spot in your heart,
It's a moment of sadness to learn that you must part.
For a moment our paths crossed. You blessed my life and so
In this moment of parting, it's hard to see you go.

Others are waiting to hear the truth you'll bring.
You must find them and teach them of Jesus Christ, their King.
I see clearly the vision of what you need to do.
There is someone just waiting to hear of Christ from you. 

People you teach now will thank the Lord you came
For your message will change them. Their lives won't be the same.
For a moment, your paths cross. You'll bless their lives and so
In this moment of sadness, I'm glad to see you go.

Copyright © 1997 by Norma Boyd
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