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Jonathan's Song

A child at four years of age is so sweet and tender—not yet old enough to be too stubborn and willful, yet old enough to understand what a parent says and why they need to obey. "Jonathan's Song" conveys the tender love a mother has for her little 4-year old boy.
Track #12 - What Would Jesus Do?
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Jonathan's Song
I never saw such a handsome boy as this before,
And I never heard such a cheerful voice as his before,
And I never knew I could love someone like this before,
And somehow I know
That these feelings will grow.

I hear him laugh, and I feel a giggle rising in me.
I see him smile, and the sun comes out and shines about me.
I see his eyes, and they glow like neon lights around me.
He brought the light,
And he made my life bright.

I can't believe
That a little boy could make such a change in my life.
He has turned around my world for me,
And now when I think
Of the dreary life I used to lead,
It seems so strange
That a child half as big
As a minute and a half wrapped his arms 'round my heart
And my life until they'll never be the same as they were
'Fore he came,
But I welcome the change.

Now he is four, and a sweeter guy you'll never see.
Because he is four, there's a special love he has for me,
And now while he's four, I'll enjoy his hugs and kisses for me.
He is my son,
And my heart he has won!

Copyright © 1991 by Norma Boyd
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