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Embracing Change

The song, "Embracing Change" was written for the local annual Social Security Administration Consortium. The theme of the consortium that year was "Embracing Change." The song has been used many times since it was written to help buoy up people's spirits when they felt bogged down in the mire of trials and problems.
Vocal Range: a - c2
Key Of: C
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Embracing Change
A caterpillar starts its life ugly, scared, and shy.
Embraces change and finds itself a gorgeous butterfly.
The seed that lies beneath the ground longs to stay right there,
Embraces change, and finds a world of sun and wind and air.
They're not content to just endure or merely to survive.
They live their lives embracing change . . . and thrive!

The tiny bird within the egg hides behind its shell.
It feels content and gives no thought to life outside its cell.
But, deep within, the bird desires to rise into the sky,
Embraces change, and soon becomes an eagle soaring high.
It's  not content to just endure or merely to survive.
It lives its life embracing change . . . and thrives!

The caterpillar shrinking from the challenges of change
Can never become a butterfly.
The bird that works to free itself from what it's always known
Finds the strength to fly.

As humans, we get in a rut, scared to leave the groove.
Familiar ruts are comfortable, so we don't want to move,
But giving in to doubts and fears limits what we do.
Embracing change can open doors to making dreams come true.
Don't be content to just endure or merely to survive,
But live your life embracing change . . . and thrive!
Live your life embracing change . . . and thrive!

Copyright ©2002 by Norma Boyd
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