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What would things look like today if there were no people on the earth? That thought provided the basis for this song. The result: no earth-shattering message, just musings—and gratitude for my life.
Vocal Range: a - c2
Key Of: C
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What did it look like before people came
Who cut down the trees and then planted the grain;
Who built towns and cities in society's name?
How would it look now if no one came?

What would it sound like without people here,
With no children's laughter or singing or tears;
Without sounds of traffic or of planes flying near?
How would it sound now with no one here?

How would it feel if churches weren't there;
Just wide open spaces for worship and prayer;
And no walls between us and Jesus' care?
What would it feel like if the churches weren't there?

If earth had no people, it still would survive.
In ways it did better before folks arrived,
So maybe without us this planet would thrive.
I can't help thinking, I can't help thinking,
I'm so glad I'm alive!

Copyright © 2001 by Norma Boyd
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