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Piano Practice

"Piano Practice" is a delightful song that was written for a piano recital given by my students and those of my friend. The melody is easily recognizable by anyone who has ever taken lessons and had to master Hanon exercises!
Vocal Range: g - c2
Key Of: G/A/C
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Piano Practice
When I learned to play piano,
Up and down my fingers wandered,
Striking white keys, striking black keys,
Practicing my scales.
Often I imagined I was
Playing on a concert grand and
All the while I practiced chords
Until I played them well.
Practice did not bother me
Because my mind was always free
And every moment's fantasy
Was never drudgery.
When I learned to play piano
'Round and 'round my mind would wander,
Building castles made of daydreams
While my hands played scales.

When I learned to play piano,
Many times I did not want to
Sit still on that bench and practice,
Practice with my might.
Now I know the only way that
I could ever learn to play
Was just to practice every day
Until I did it right.
Practice was not always fun
Because I liked to play and run,
But every day I had to come
And sit 'til I was done.
When I learned to play piano,
Even when I did not want to,
I sat on that bench and practiced
'Til I did it right.

Now I love to play piano
And I'm very glad I had to
Practice every day until I
Learned my lessons well.
Now I play because it's fun
And not because I have to come
And exercise each finger, thumb
To master every scale.
Playing is a joy for me
Because it sets my soul quite free,
Unleashing creativity
And pleasant memories.
Now I'm glad I learned piano
And that I know how to play the
Melodies and harmonies of
Songs I love so well.

Copyright © 1996 by Norma Boyd
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