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Short Order

"Short Order" is a fun song that is written in six parts, each of which has its own counter-melody. Part 1 is sung separately, then part 2 is sung. Then parts 1 and 2 are sung together. Part 3 is then sung separately, and the first 3 parts are sung together, and so on, until all six parts are sung together. The song is fun for family activities, community sing-alongs, or camp outs.
Key Of: C
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Short Order

I like catsup,
Pickles, onions
On . . . hamburgers.

I like sauce.
I like cheese.
I like pickles,
Lettuce, and tomatoes, too.

I like tomatoes,
Cheese, pickles, onions,
Catsup, and mustard,
But no mayonnaise!

I like catsup.
I like mustard.
I like lettuce
On sesame seed buns.

I like catsup, mustard, relish,
Sesame seed buns, pickles, cheese,
Lettuce, onions, mayonnaise,
But hold the tomatoes, if you please!

Oh, me! Oh, my!
What shall I do?
Family is hungry!
Mother's in a stew!

Copyright © 1997 by Norma Boyd

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