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Little Boy

"Little Boy" is a touching song of a father to his beloved little boy. The sheet music is written in two parts, male lead, with a female harmony part. It can be sung nicely as a solo or duet.
Track #10 - What Would Jesus Do?
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Vocal Range: A - g
Key Of: D
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Little Boy
Little boy, there's wonder in your deep, brown eyes.
You're quite a mite to tackle such a job.
You're just a babe who's started on this trek of life.
It's rough and rocky, so believe in God.

Little boy, there's trouble, and there's sorrow here,
Enough to down a tiny lad like you;
But there are smiles and sunshine just beyond the clouds.
If you'll keep faith, the sun will soon shine through.

Little boy, may you grow up to be a man,
The kind of man God meant His boys to be.
Be good, and live a decent sort of life, my son;
For little boy, you're God's best gift to me.

by Sherman Leroy Boyd
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