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God's Masterpiece

Even though they aren't perfect, there is something special about mothers. Perhaps it's the unconditional love many of them have for their children and the sensitivity and compassion they show toward others. Whatever it is, I think God smiles when He sees the Christ-like traits of mothers. I think He smiles whenever He creates one.
Vocal Range: a - b1
Key Of: D
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God's Masterpiece

God smiled when He made mothers
(Or so the saying goes)
For mothers are terrific,
As everybody knows.
You're a special mother.
You care so lovingly,
And I am very thankful
You chose to care for me.
As I sit and think of you,
I'd like to say again
How very much I love you,
My dear, sweet treasured friend.
Your thoughtfulness and kindness
Have meant so very much,
And I am ever grateful
That our two lives could touch.
Yes, God smiled when He made mothers.
I know that this is true,
But God was extra 'specially pleased
The day that He made you.

Copyright © 1985 by Norma Boyd
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