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For Me

Too often we have a tendency to think of Christ's atonement as a sacrifice He made for everyone here on the earth. The trouble with this way of thinking is that it doesn't go far enough or become personal enough. It is important to realize that not only did Christ atone for the sins of everyone who has ever lived on the face of the earth, He did it for me!
Track #11 - He's the One
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For Me
He created this world and all the beauty here . . . for me.
He made all the plants and all the creatures here . . . for me.
He formed mountains and hillsides
The sun, moon, and stars,
And He did it thoughtfully . . .  for me.

He was born in a stable out in Bethlehem . . . for me.
He conquered temptation and lived free from sin . . . for me.
He healed illness and blindness.
He raised up the dead,
And He did it joyously . . . for me.

He suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane . . . for me.
He gave up His life on the cross at Calvary . . . for me.
He was smitten and spit on,
His hands pierced with spikes,
And He did it willingly . . . for me. 

He rose from the dead, and now He lives again . . . for me.
He gives strength and guidance to be free from sin . . . for me.
He brings comfort and healing
And peace to the soul,
And He does it lovingly . . . for you and me.
He does it lovingly . . . for me.

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