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I Belong to Jesus

Many years ago, Jesus paid a high price for my soul. He bought me, and I choose to be His. I'm grateful for His willingness to buy me. I'm grateful He loves me enough to pay that price. I'm glad He accepts me for who I am, and I hope that one day I will be worth the price He paid for me. I am glad—and very grateful—that "I Belong to Jesus!"
Track #10 - He's the One
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Vocal Range: c1 - c2
Key Of: C
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I Belong to Jesus

I belong to Jesus. 
He bought me long ago.
He gave His blood in Gethsemane,
His life on the cross at Calvary
Because He loves me so.

I belong to Jesus.
I wasn't worth the price,
But somewhere He saw some good in me,
So He chose to suffer agony,
And made the sacrifice.

I belong to Jesus.
He is my hope and guide
He teaches things that will help me see
The kind of person I must be
To have Him by my side.

I belong to Jesus.
He owns me free and clear.
I'll do the things that He asks me to
Even when those things are quite hard to do
Because I want Him near.

I belong to Jesus.
My soul He will refine.
I'll give to Him my proud, stubborn will.
Temptation's voices I'll let Him still,
So when I'm back there, by His side
He'll look at me with loving pride
And say, "I'm glad you're mine."

I belong to Jesus.

Copyright © 2003 by Norma Boyd
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