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Ye Do It unto Me

"Ye Do It unto Me" is a fun song that helps children learn how to apply the "Golden Rule" to their everyday life. It personalizes Jesus' teaching, "When ye do it to the least of these, thy brethren, ye do it unto Me." The sheet music is written for two parts. However, it is also delightful as a solo.
Track #9 - What Would Jesus Do?
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Vocal Range: c1 -c2
Key Of: C
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Ye Do It unto Me

My brother was unkind to me.
A tough choice did I face:
Should I get angry and hit him 
Or act with love and grace?
I thought of the teachings of Christ, and I knew
What I did to my brother, I'd do to Jesus, too.

My sister was so mean to me.
I almost blew my top!
I thought of the names I could call her.
Just barely did I stop.
I thought of my Father in Heaven, and I knew
What I said to my sister, I'd say to Father, too.

I felt like talking back to Dad,
But then I thought it odd
That I should ever want to talk that way to God.
I thought of all the times I yelled, and Mother paid the price.
It shames me so to think I'd yell at Jesus Christ.

So when they seem unkind to me,
My pride I will not heed.
I'll turn the other cheek to them
And do a kindly deed.
When I'm kind to my family, it shows through and through
That I love Heavenly Father and I love Jesus, too!

Copyright © 1996 by Norma Boyd
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