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It's a Miracle!

The song, "It's a Miracle" recognizes the miracle that can come when a person looks to the Savior for help and turns his/her life over to Him for healing. The sheet music is available as a solo or as a male/female duet.
Track #3 - He's the One
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Vocal Range: a - d2
Arrangement: Solo
Key Of: D
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Vocal Range: Female: a - d2; Male: A - b
Arrangement: Male/Female Duet
Key Of: D
Sheet Music Price $2.00

It's a Miracle!
Strong chains of bondage enslaving me,
Praying to God for a miracle.
Weakness and darkness o'erpowering me,
Begging my Lord for a miracle.
Little by little I realize
That the chains don't hold me tight.
Through the darkness so bleak and engulfing
Is the glimmer of a light.
Burdens are lightened upon me
And I know I have witnessed a miracle.
Feeling God's power upon me, 
Thanking my Lord for the miracle.

Living each day with a new found hope
Only because of a miracle.
Trusting my Savior to help me cope,
Knowing His love is a miracle.
Once I believed I was hopeless,
That I never could be free.
He is mending what's broken within me
And He does it willingly.
Healing continues to find me,
And I witness an ongoing miracle.
Feelings of joy now surround me.
I praise His name for the miracle.

Garments made white by atoning blood.
Christ paid the price for this miracle.
Bathing His feet with my tears of love,
Thanking my Lord for this miracle.
One day I'll stand there before Him,
And I'll know His loving face.
I will drop my knees and adore Him,
For I've felt His love and grace.
Arms open wide to enfold me.
I will cling to the source of this miracle.
Glad for my Savior to hold me.
Grateful forever for miracles.

Copyright © 2002 by Norma Boyd
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