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My Savior, Jesus Christ

There are many names for Jesus Christ mentioned in the scriptures. The song, "My Savior, Jesus Christ identifies many of those names, but doesn't capture all of them, by any means!
Track #13 - He's the One
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Vocal Range: c#1 - f2
Key Of: D/Eb
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My Savior, Jesus Christ
He is the Rock. He is the Holy One, 
The Son of God, the Living Vine.
He is the Word. He is the Bread of Life. 
He is my Savior, Jesus Christ.
For us, He fulfills many purposes
Like advocate and Friend.
He's the Exemplar Who showed us the way,
The Creator of worlds without end.

He is the Door. He is the Morning Star.
He is the Way, the Truth, the Life.
He is the Judge. He is the Lamb of God.
He is my Savior, Jesus Christ.
He is the Good Shepherd Who knows His sheep
And keeps them in His sight.
He's the Almighty One Who guides our way.
In the darkness of life, He's the Light.

He is the Kind of Kings, the Prince of Peace,
The Resurrection and the Life.
He is the Branch, the Author of our Faith,
He is my Savior, Jesus Christ.
He's the Wonderful, Counselor
Who knows our every need.
He's the Author of Salvation 
And the Lord of Righteous deeds.
He's the Keeper of the gate
Leading to eternal life,
The Messiah, our Redeemer,
My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

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